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ESS3 High Stable OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor


ESS3 High Stable OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

ESS3 Series OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor is the most economical and stable sensing element for pressure/level measurement process. It has isolated construction and wide range temperature compensation, ESS3 Series OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor uses high stable silicon die to transmit the measured pressure through inner filled silicone oil and SS316 housing which sealed with a concentrically corrugated diaphragm.

With high accuracy, long term stability, good repeatability, ESS3 Series  has been wildly requested by a variety of industry process. We provide different size for ESS3 series with diameter from 11mm to 19mm, height from 5mm to 15mm. Click here to Download ESS3 Series Data sheet


  • Pressure range -100kPa~10kPa…100MPa
  • Gauge, Differential, Absolute, Sealed gauge
  • Constant Current/Voltage power supply
  • Isolated construction, measure various media
  • Φ11~ Φ19mm OEM Pressure Sensor
  • Full Stainless Steel 316
  • Wide temperature compensation -10℃~80℃
  • Long-term stability ±0.1%FS/year

Measuring Range & Output  
RangeOverload PressureOutput/F.S (mV)Typical Value(mV)Pressure Type
0~10 kPa300%35~6045G/D
0~20 kPa300%70~11090G/D
0~35 kPa300%55~8070G/A/D
0~70 kPa300%55~8060G/A/D
0~100 kPa300%60~8575G/A/D
0~200 kPa300%60~8575G/A/D
0~400 kPa300%60~8070G/A/D
0~600 kPa200%90~120100G/A/D
0~1.0 MPa200%125~185150G/A/D
0~1.6 MPa200%80~120100G/A/D
0~2.0 MPa200%50~7060G/A/D
0~3.5 MPa200%100~120110G/A/D
0~7.0 MPa200%120~150135A
0~10 MPa200%180~230200A
0~25 MPa150%140~170150A
0~40 MPa150%230~280250A
0~60 MPa150%100~160130S
0~100 MPa150%100~150120S
Notes: G for Gauge pressure; A for Absolute pressure; D for Differential pressure; S for Sealed gauge.
Technical Parameters - Range -100kPa~100MPa 
Zero Output±1±2mV DC
FS output100mV DC
Input/ Output Impedance2.63.8
Zero Temperature Drift*±0.15±0.8%FS,@25℃
Sensitivity Temperature Drift*±0.2±0.7%FS,@25℃
Long-term Stability0.1 %FS/year
*The typical value of 0~10kPa & 0~20kPa's zero temperature drift is 0.4%FS@25℃, max value is 1.6%FS@25℃
*The typical value of 0~10kPa & 0~20kPa's sensitivity temperature drift is 0.4%FS@25℃, max value is 1.6%FS@25℃
Construction Performance
DiaphragmStainless Steel 316L
HousingStainless Steel 316L
Pressure leading tubeStainless Steel 316L
O RingΦ16*1.8mm(nitrile rubber or viton)
Measuring MediumWhich is compatible with SS316L, viton, nitrile rubber
Packing MediumSilicon Oil
Net weight36g
Electric & Environment Performance
Power supply1.5mA (Max input voltage is 10VDC)
Insulation Resistance500MΩ@500VDC
Overpressure1.5~3 times FS
Useful Time(25℃)>1*100 Million Times @Pressure Circulation(80%FS)
Response Time≤1ms
Storage Temp.-40~+125℃
Operating Temp.-40~+85℃
Compensation Temp.0~50℃; -10~80℃

ESS3 Series Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor package - v2.0


  • Industrial process control
  • Level measurement
  • Gas, liquid pressure measurement
  • Pressure checking meter
  • Pressure calibrator
  • Liquid pressure system and switch
  • Cooling equipment & A/C system
  • Aviation and navigation inspection
  • Pneumatics and hydraulicssystems

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  • General Instruction and Datasheet-ESS319 GID-3-EV02
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