ESL040 Submersible level transmitter


ESL040 submersible level transmitter

ESL040 Submersible level transmitter adopts silicone piezoresistive sensing technology, converts pressure into electrical signal, and converts into standard current, voltage and RS485 signals and outputs.

By temperature compensation and linear calibration, durable 316L stainless steel construction and silicone oil-filled method, ESL040 submersible level transmitter is well known for its superior reliability, reasonable cost, and ready availability. It can be directly connected with PLC/DCS, with display instrument and computer, the remote signal transmission also can be carried out.  

ESL040 submersible level transmitter features small size and integral signal conditioning; it can be easily installed at plant to measure water, or oil-filed to measure petroleum, or anywhere quality liquid level sensors are needed.

ESL040 submersible level transmitter is widely used in liquids measurement of petrochemical, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, and electric power.

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure type: Gauge 
  • Range: 0~1…300mH2O
  • Accuracy:±0.25%F.S, ±0.5%F.S, ±1.0%F.S
  • Stability: 0.25%F.S/Year(typical), 0.5%F.S/Year(maximum)
  • Customized working temperature: -40℃~125℃
  • Signal Output:4~20mA, 0/1~5V, 0~10V, RS485
  • Power supply: 8/10/11~30V


  • Petroleum and petrochemical
  • Deep water level monitoring
  • River hydrologic monitoring
  • Wastewater treatment 
  • Liquid level of storage tank
  • Water-saving irrigation

ESL040  Technical Specification 

Technical Characteristics
Sensing TypeSilicon Piezo-resistive
Range 0-1…50mH2O 0~1...300mH2O0~500mH2OCustomized
Overpressure 3X2X1.5X
Accuracy ±0.25%/F.S ±0.5%/F.S ±1.0%/F.SCustomized
Stability 0.25%F.S/Year(typical)0.5%F.S/Year(maximum)
Response time≤10ms
Output 4~20mA0~5VdcRS485Customized
Electrical Connection Water-proof CableCustomized
Cable length3m/polyethylene 5m/polyethylene 10m/polyethylene or polyurethaneCustomized
Working Temp.-40~85℃(-40~185F)Customized
Material of Sensing Element SS316TitaniumTitanium AlloyCustomized
Ingress ProtectionIP68
① 1mH2O≈9.81KPa
② Accuracy of ±0.25%/F.S for range above 5m,
③ Accuracy of ±0.5%/F.S for range below 5m,
④ Polyethylene cable is good enough if the measured media is water, however polyurethane is suggested if the measured media is oil or things like that.

ESL040 Submersible level transmitter-2Eastsensor Technology

ESL040 Universal Liquid Level Sensor drawing