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ESS3 High Stable OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

ESS3 piezoresistivesensing elements, constructed of Stainless Steel 316L, more stable & compatible, can withstand millions of full scale pressure cycles without affecting accuracy.

EST330S High Temperature & Accuracy Pressure Transmitter

Range 0-125mbar. Temperature -40℃~125℃. Accuracy ±0.5%. DIN43650/Cable Outlet Connection. NPT½ NPT¼ G½ G¼ Thread Connection.

EST 4300 Smart Differential Pressure transmitters

Capacitance diaphragm sensor with 4-20mA and HART protocol, high accuracy & stability, very remarkable overpressure performance for your most differential pressure measuring projects.

ESL0 Submersible Probe Level Transmitter

ES level sensor can with stand majority of harsh environment no matter high temperature and High Corrosive liquid and gas, what’s more we offer more flexibility in packaging.

4 questions before choose pressure gauge

What kind of accuracy is needed? How much are you willing to spend? Do you need any type of outputs? Where is this gauge going to be installed?

ES can do more for your projects

Accurate data ensures safe and reliable operation of your oil & gas/chemical tank farm or terminal. We can help you fulfill this challenging task. But this is not all we can do for you – find out more.
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Pressure Transducers of piezoresistive
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Pressure Transducers Bourdon Tube