EST330V Millivolt output pressure transducer

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EST330V Millivolt output pressure transducer

EST330V is a kind of millivolt output pressure transducer. EST330V has passive electronic signal conditioning meaning that they are no amplifiers, filters, transistors or any other active component that might affect the natural performance of the transducer sensing element.

EST330V Millivolt output pressure transducer offers the highest frequency response and the lowest power consumption with 0~100mVdc range and ±0.25% accuracy.


  • Pressure type: Gauge
  • Range: 1~20kPa, 35kPa, 100kPa G
  • Accuracy: ±25%F.S, ±0.5%F.S (No accuracy losing in full temperature range)
  • Customized working temperature: -40℃~150℃
  • Signal output: 0~100mVdc
  • Power supply: 3~10Vdc
  • Sealed: Welded structure, O-Ring free


Gas dispenser | Refrigerator | Hydraulic control | Farm equipment | Pressure Gauge | Energy and water treatment | Real-time well management | Automatic detection system


Piezoresistive based transducers rely on the piezoresistive effect which occurs when the electrical resistance of a material changes in response to applied mechanical strain. In metals, this effect is realized when the change in geometry with applied mechanical strain results in a small increase or decrease in the resistance of the metal. The piezoresistive effect in silicon is due primarily to changes at the atomic level and is approximately two orders of magnitude larger than in metals.

Sputter deposited thin film pressure sensor is a kind of Piezoresistive pressure sensors, difference exist that the thin-film sensor consists of a resistor pattern that is vaporized or sputter-deposited  onto the force-summing element (the measuring diaphragm). In some transducers the resistors are not directly mounted on the diaphragm but are on a beam linked to the diaphragm by a push rod.

Accuracy and range for EST 3 series

eastsensor accuracy map

eastsensor map map

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  • General Instruction and Datasheet-EST330V GID-3-EV01