ESL040 Universal Liquid Level Sensor

ESL040 line is for the measurement of liquid levels. Featuring high accuracy and stability, and high-strength cables that are wear-proof, acid/alkali resistant and oil resistant, this product can meet various demands for field measurement of liquid levels.

ESL046 Marine Titanium Alloy Liquid Level Transmitter

ESL046 line is liquid level transmitter specially designed for the seawater-related measurements. The product line is highly reliable and stable, and enables digital compensation within full temperature range.

ESL048 Digital Liquid Level Transmitter

ESL048 line is liquid level transmitter, featuring high reliability, stability and accuracy, and RS485 digital output. The product is widely used for the measurements of gas and liquid, such as water, oil and light corrosive liquids. 

ESL044/5 High Corrosive Resistant Level Transmitter

ESL044/45 line is liquid level transmitter of high accuracy, reliability and stability. With the sensing element of ceramics, the product is used for the measurements of corrosive liquid and gas. 

Submersible Probe

Remarkable features of ESL-0 models include high temperature proof, sea water measuring, anti-corrosion, titanium material, small pressure range tailor-made.


The piezoresistive pressure sensor – Solid State Pressure Sensor, have excellent electrical and mechanical stability that can be fabricated in a very small size.

Sensor Accuracy

It’s common sense, accuracy has a price. The cost of a pressure sensor is a function of its accuracy, the more accurate the sensor the more expensive it will be.