EST4300 Smart Pressure Transmitters (Remote Seal)

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EST4300 Smart Pressure Transmitters (Remote Seal)

EST4300 Smart Pressure Transmitters Remote Seal type is microprocessor-based measuring instrument. With advanced microprocessor technology-enabled temperature and nonlinear compensation, EST4300 Remote Seal features higher measurement accuracy, better temperature characteristic, and stability and reliability. EST4300 Smart Pressure Transmitters Remote Seal, which is compatible with HART 475 field communicator, is used to measure the level, density, and pressure of liquid, gas, and steam, convert it to 4-20mAdc current signal outputs.

EST4300 Smart Pressure Transmitters Remote Seal type is designed for reliability in even the toughest applications, and is capable to guard against hot and cold, corrosive or erosive processes. The seal system features a variety of solutions, including industry-specific seals for difficult processes and provides reliable, remote measurements.

Besides, as the capillary length can be from 3m~10m, special attention must be paid to the installation position of the capillary to ensure the pressure tested is within the measuring scope of the basic sensing element. Compatible with HART 475 field communicator.

For most cases, the measurement can performed with a DP or GP transmitter; however, for any of the following situations, a remote differential pressure transmitter shall be used.

  • Where the process liquids are prone to solidifying or crystallizing
  • Where the process liquids are too thick or contains suspended solid
  • Where the process liquids can easily block the impulse lines
  • Where the process liquids are hot or corrosive, and cannot be measured directly
  • Where the process liquids are food or other materials that cannot be contaminated


  • High level stability and precision
  • Excellet overload capacity
  • Enhanced self-diagnostic capacity
  • Independent Zero & Span Adjustment
  • Rugged construction for shock resistance
  • Digital compensation technology compensating for temperature and static pressure
  • No mechanical transmission parts, less maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Perfect local and remote set-up and calibration function
Operating TypeSMART, 2 wire
DisplayLCD with Engineering Units
Zero Span AdjustYES
Over Range Protection2 Times Max. Pressure
Square root ExtractionYES
Stability± 0.125% of URL
Ingress ProtectionIP65/IP67
Power Supply24 VDC (Loop Powered)
Output Signal4-20Ma, HART
Elec. Connection2 Nos. 1/2" NPT(F)
Material of Element SS316
Material of Body SS316
Material of Housing Die cast Alu. Epoxy Coating
Material of Wetted PartSS316
Span and Measuring Range     
Span Pressure RangeLevel RangeGPAPDPHP


  • Electricity
  • Water Conservancy
  • Metallurgy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Petrifaction
  • Pharmacy
  • Paper-making
  • Furnace


EST4300 Smart Transmitter consists of sensor module and electronic board. The sensor includes capacitance sensor, measuring diaphragm detection circuit, temperature sensor and temperature compensation circuit; the electronics board includes microprocessor controller and external circuit, capable of pressure signal conversion of 4~20mA dc.


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