ESG103 Battery Pressure Gauge

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ESG103 Battery Pressure Gauge

ESG103 line battery pressure gauge is full electronic structure and 9V battery based power supply model, ESG103 adopts oil-filled diaphragm piezoresistive sensor for a relative high accuracy and good stability; the output signal with high precision, low temperature drift has been treated by amplifier amplification process, and then inputted into the high precision A/D converter heading for digital signals, and finally been displayed via LED display to indicate the actual pressure performance/value.

The intelligent digital pressure gauge is flexible to use, simple operation, easy debugging, safe and reliable. It has been widely used in power station, water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries, for the fluid medium pressure measurement and display.


  • Pressure type: Gauge
  • Casing Diameter: Φ60
  • Display: 4-digit LED
  • Range: -0.1~0~100MPa
  • Precision: 0.5%F.S
  • Stability: ≤1%F.S/Year
  • Power supply: 9Vdc (battery)
  • OEM: Available

Drawing & Specification

Bottom mounting for range under 100KPa

ESG103 Battery Digital Pressure Gauge drawing bottom


Back siding mounting

ESG103 Battery Digital Pressure Gauge drawing back

Measuring rangeOverload pressureDisplayAccuracyStabilityWorking temperature
-0.1~0~100MPa2 times0.36”Digital LCD±0.5%F.S≤0.1%F.S/Y-20~70℃
Pressure connectionPressure typePower supplyDisplay rangeRelative humidityMaterial of casing
M20x1.5,G1/2Gauge9Vdc Battery-1999~9999≤80%304SS

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  • General Instruction and Datasheet-ESG103 GID-1-EV01