EST4300 Smart Pressure Transmitter | 4-20mA HART 0.075%/F.S

With EST4300 Series industry pressure transmitter, you will be able to reduce product variation and complexity as well as your total cost of ownership by leveraging one device across a number of pressure, liquid level. EST4300 provides you unparalleled reliability and experience.

EST3 Series Compact size, Piezoresistive Sensing Technology

EST 3 Series are compact type pressure transmitters and transducers; we provide such compact type for those who are looking for light, small size type of products to reduce space and the number of components. Most of EST-3 Series compact pressure transmitter can be configured in gauge, sealed gauge, vacuum, differential and absolute pressures.

Bourdon Tube and Digital Pressure Gauge

In today pressure measuring filed, two main categories pressure gauges have been more often than ever involving into our daily life, these are mechanical pressure gauge based on bourdon tube principle and digital pressure gauge such as ESG103 Battery Pressure Gauge.

OEM Pressure Sensor & Differential Pressure Sensor

ESS3 Series OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor uses high stable silicon die to transmit the measured pressure through inner filled silicone oil and SS316 housing which sealed with a concentrically corrugated diaphragm is perfectly design for Pressure/Level Measurement Process.